Our Values

Christian Values

The Christian values of Faith, Love, Courage & Patience help us to learn together to become the best we can be.  Click the leaves to find out more…

British Values

To help the children develop self-confidence and a sense of personal worth, and to assist them in becoming citizens for the future, our lessons are underpinned by the British Values: Democracy; Rule of Law; Individual Liberty; Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Different Faiths & Beliefs.

For example, creating a class code at the start of term covers a wide range of British Values: it requires democracy as all are voting for behaviours they believe are required within a classroom.  Individual Liberty is expressed through the choice of rules and expectations, then the code created becomes the Rule of Law for those children in that classroom.  Pupils show Mutual Respect and develop socially by listening to one another’s ideas and following the class code.

Collective Worship, RE lessons and PHSE are all areas where pupils develop morally and spiritually through deeper discussions and understanding as well as showing a Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs.

Ethos Statement

Wareside Church of England Primary School is a caring and supportive community which includes pupils and their families, staff and Governors.  It is a school rooted in the Christian Faith, where Love is nurtured, Courage cultivated, and Patience prized.  The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice, working in partnership with the Church of England at parish and diocesan level.

Vision Statement

Wareside Church of England Primary School, through high-quality teaching underpinned by Christian Values, will nurture in each child a love of learning and help each child realise their potential that they may change their world for good.

Collective Worship Council

These pupils help to set up the hall and create a calm environment for our daily acts of worship.  They choose hymns and select, write and lead prayers and take a significant part in our termly church services.  They help the Headteacher plan each term’s programme to make worship engaging and interesting for the pupils.  Once every half term the pupils on the Council plan, write and deliver their own act of worship as a group for the whole school.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church was built in 1841 so that the people of the “Ware Uplands” would have easier access to the good news of Jesus.  Today, the church family shares that desire to bring that life-changing message to its neighbourhood, aiming to Know Christ and Make Him Known so that all in the community may flourish.

The Rector comes to lead worship in the school every week and is Chair of Governors, supporting the Headteacher in her task of providing the best possible education for the children.  The school is held before God in prayer each week by church members, and the church family is delighted to welcome the school for services on special occasions through the year. 

More information can be found about church life on the church website www.hwwchurch.org.uk