Growth Mindset

We are a Growth Mindset School!  In Autumn 2018 we introduced the concept of developing a growth mindset and it has been such a fantastic journey so far.  At Wareside we know that instilling children with the skills to develop a positive attitude towards their learning is crucial to enable them to progress and be successful.

Across the curriculum, children are encouraged to embrace challenge, recognise the power of making mistakes and become resilient learners.  In Swallows, children are encouraged to be a ‘Tryasauraus’ and in Amazons we celebrate the power of “yet”, i.e. where they might say, “I can’t do it”, encouraging them to say, “I can’t do it…yet!”

Children often reflect on their learning experience using focused questions, such as ‘What have you done today that has made you think hard?’ or ‘What’s the best mistake you’ve made today?’  Watch this space!

To find out more about the power of a growth mindset, please see the video below.