Who are the Governors?

We are a diverse group of people including school staff, the parents of pupils, church representatives and members of the wider community.  All of us are volunteers committed to making our school the best it can be.  Each of us brings our own skills and experience and uses them to help the school provide the highest quality education for all the children.  Governors, working together as a “Governing Body”, provide strategic oversight to support the work of the Headteacher and other staff.

Our Aims

The Governing Body’s ultimate aim is to fulfil the school’s vision.  As stepping stones along the way, it strives to raise standards in all areas of school life for pupils and staff. 

Become a Governor

The role of School Governor is a rewarding one; challenging, but interesting and rewarding.  The standard term of office is four years, so we are nearly always on the lookout for new team members.  Insofar as is possible, we seek to welcome new members who bring specific skills or experience which will be of particular value to the school, but we warmly welcome all applications to join us.

If you think you might have something to contribute to the Governing Body and its work, please contact the Chair of Governors who will be very happy to talk to you.

What We Do

First of all, it’s probably worth noting something that Governors don’t do.  The Governors are not responsible for the day-to-day management of the school – this responsibility belongs to the Headteacher. Governors don’t run the school – they are there to help.  Indeed, a key aspect of the Governing Body’s role is to act as a “critical friend”.  This involves Governors asking questions of the Headteacher and other senior leaders about all aspects of the school’s activity including, but not limited to, pupils’ attainment and progress and the way that the school’s resources are being used.  This questioning process helps to sharpen the focus of the Headteacher and to raise standards across the board.  Governors also offer insights from their own experience, and these can help to raise standards, too.

Overall, the Governing Body is responsible for managing the school’s budget in order to gain best value for the public money which is invested in the school.  Governors are therefore accountable to the pupils, their parents and the wider community – they have to make sure that the school delivers an excellent education.  In the course of their work, they appoint the Headteacher and hold her or him to account, they help shape the vision for the school and they provide energy and drive for the school’s ongoing development, keeping abreast of both the needs of the school community and any changes in National Education policy.

Much of the Governing Body’s work is conducted by the two subcommittees:

  • The School Improvement Committee, chaired by Revd Mark Dunstan, which monitors the school’s progress against the targets on its development plan and reviews pupil progress and attainment, and
  • The Resources Committee, chaired by Mrs Nicky Stracey, which considers the effective use and development of our assets; personnel, buildings and finance.

The Chair of Governors and Headteacher meet frequently and all Governors are expected to support the school by undertaking relevant training, preparing for and attending meetings throughout the year and visiting the school – both for school functions and during the working day to observe the school in action.

Governors (as at 30th Sept 2018)

Governors who have left within the last 12 months

Vision Statement

Wareside Church of England Primary School, through high-quality teaching underpinned by Christian Values, will nurture in each child a love of learning and help each child realise their potential that they may change their world for good.