‘Hands on’ is the way we learn at Wareside.  Practical activities, observations over time and planning experiments all help to develop understanding, knowledge and skills. 

In the Early Years, we develop Science though our Understanding of the World and enjoy making simple everyday observations, such as frozen water and frosty blades of grass changing in the sunlight.

Our large outdoor environment supports our learning.  For the KS1 Seasons topic we went on an observation walk to find evidence of spring.  Parents came with us as we searched for spring time flowers, buds on trees and birds building nests.  We compared this to what we could see in the winter.

Key Stage 2 enjoy planning their experiments to find an answer to a question.  They have observed and created rainfall in the Weather topic.  Previous examples of learning have included The Eggs Experiment, where the children observed the decay of egg shells in different liquids and compared this to the damage these liquids do to our teeth.  The children used their newly-gained knowledge to design posters regarding oral hygiene.