Religious Education

We are proud of our Good rating in our most recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools (SIAMS) visit.  Our inspector stated that, “RE makes a positive contribution to the Christian character of the school through links with values threaded through the RE curriculum and the strong emphasis on the teaching and modelling of Christianity as a vibrant and living faith.”

As a Church of England school, we focus on Christianity but we also teach the children about the other four of the world’s five major faiths.  Understanding different viewpoints helps our children to respect others regardless of their different beliefs.

We visit many places, such as the Gurdwara in Hitchin and our own local church to help us understand and reflect upon different faith communities.  Visitors, such as Rabbi Jeff, also inform us and help us develop our knowledge of other faiths.

We have close links with the Diocese of St Albans and we visit the cathedral.  We have taken part in the cathedral’s Harvest Service with our choir.  We also support the Bishop of St Albans’ Harvest appeal each year and link it to our Harvest Festival Church Service and fund raising.

Our lessons are varied and interesting, using a wide range of materials and stimulus to engage the pupils.  We have made sukkots, challah bread and clay crosses and have used drama in many ways to help us reflect upon our knowledge and apply it to our lives.