Stimulating stories, fabulous facts and perfect poems are used as a stimulus to engage and excite our pupils.  Throughout their school journey, pupils meet a wide range of classic and modern authors, poets and factual writers as we open their minds to the wonderful world of words. 

Guided reading sessions, home reading, library sessions and reading in class are all ways in which we encourage our children to enjoy reading for pleasure.  Reading comprehensions and targeted questions enable us to support pupils in understanding what they are reading and develop a broader vocabulary.

Writing lessons are based on a wide range of stimuli, from classics such as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to more modern stories such as Zeraffa Giraffa.  We also have a Whole School Book Week, linked to World Book Day, in Spring.  Role-play, hot-seating and freeze-frame are just some of the drama techniques we use to deepen the children’s understanding of the characters and the plot. 

On the doors of the classrooms, office and cleaner’s cupboard are posters telling the children what the members of staff are reading – showing how reading is an activity for all ages.